November 1390
Establishing a hydroponic rose greenhouse
February 2011
Establishment of tissue culture center
Year 2017
Establishment of Gol Mohammadi Museum of Iran

The "Rose Hydroponic Greenhouse and Dr. Rostgar Biotechnology Center" complex was established by Dr. Iraj Rostgar. The first phase of the collection, which is dedicated to the production of Dutch cut roses, has started its activity since November 2018. The Biotechnology Center was launched in February 2011 with the main approach of tissue culture of ornamental flowers, medicinal plants and vegetative bases of seeded and seeded fruit trees as the second phase of the project. Now all the above products are offered in domestic and foreign markets.

Then, in 1397, the Mohammadi Rose Museum of Iran was established, and in 1401, the production of rose water and cosmetics, including facial cleansers, was completed.

It should be noted that Rostgar is the author of dozens of scientific articles, one of the most prominent of which is the publication of an article with the concept of "res" as a unit of communication messages. In this article, a unit named "Res" is presented for communication messages. which is derived from the first two letters of the writer, while it has the initials of the receiver and the sender on both sides. While the above article was published in the scientific-research journal of public relations research in September 2016 and the journal media global in the spring of 2017, it managed to receive a special award from the International Public Relations Symposium in January 2017 in the research section. It became scientific.

Along with the publication of scientific articles, several books have been published by Rostgar. His books are:

  • Head of articles and editorial writing (Qo Publications)
    Music for rehabilitation and musical communication (Dangeh Publishing)
    Basics of human-collective communication (Bana Khord publication)
    The concept of "res" unit of communication messages (Danje publication)
    Golestan Saadi (in Russian-Persian) (Baath Publications)
    Omar Khayyam (in Russian-Persian language) (Baath Publications)
    Lily City (Danje Publishing House)
    Modern pear gardening using tissue culture bases (Khordegan Publications)
    Information on planting mohammadi flowers (Organization of Agricultural Engineering and Natural Resources)
    Farzangan Khosravi (Basin Khor Publications)
    Bostan Saadi (in Farsi-Russian language) (Baath Publications)
    Press notes and editorial writing (Ney Publishing)


He also created Tavana magazine in Iran and Cactus magazine in Ukraine. Cactus, a magazine that was printed and reproduced in the city of Kiev, Ukraine, and distributed throughout Europe. Rastgar was the author of the privilege, responsible manager and editor of the publication. Cactus was published in both English and Russian languages with a focus on cartoons, and the most prominent cartoonists of twenty countries were associated with Cactus. Rostgar published his writings in Iran, the audience of this magazine was intellectuals, intellectual elites and students.

This publication was sitting on the press kiosks with a cut of a magazine. Tavana with cartoon language is another magazine published by Rostgar in Iran. Most of the most prominent cartoonists at the time of publication of the magazine collaborated with Tavana, Tavana was the most widely circulated cartoon magazine in Iran at the time. This publication was published with the interruption of a newspaper. Among the publications that Rostgar published was the International Magazine of Greenhouse Growers, which was published in the form of a magazine.

Thought rehabilitation <<Rehabilitation of thought>> Kavaneh's self and other approach is based on the science of communication, which is formed in the framework of a romantic worldview, and its purpose is to improve and empower people. Main Shiraz <<Rehabilitation of thought>> which was presented by Dr. Iraj Rostgar is love. The people who have the fountain of love flowing in the earth of their existence are happy, and when they have realized that happiness is the fruit of love, they try to open other openings of this eternal fountain.Seven cities of salvation>> It is a solution to reach the goal and a road map for those who want to achieve acquired love.


Powerful writing magazine

Tovana specialized magazine

Tawana cartoon magazine

Cactus in Ukraine

Greenhouse magazine

In 1372, Rostgar established the rehabilitation center in Tehran, which provides services to mentally and physically disabled children.

Rastgar along with his brother Engineer Hossein Rastgar established the first private internet service provider network in Iran by establishing the Tavana Information Cultural Institute.

Providing educational CDs called mental rehabilitation in order to create acquired love is one of the other works of Rastgar

Providing training CDs on palm tissue cultivation is one of the other activities of Rastagar, which has played a very significant role in this industry.