Flowers and ornamental plants

Production of cut rose base

The rose bases produced by the center are the most unique rose bases. The method and process of producing these bases was invented by Dr. Iraj Rastegar and named after IR bases. The above-mentioned rose bases are a combination of tissue culture and grafting, and as a result, they are resistant to changes in EC and PH due to the wild nester root. Also, due to the use of tissue culture and production in the laboratory, it is immune from contamination. This is despite the fact that a percentage of the bases imported from western countries are contaminated with Agrobacterium, and the bases produced in Iran using cuttings have low efficiency and longevity. The bases that are produced through tissue culture are also sensitive to changes in EC and PH due to the lack of wild nester root, while IR bases respond to all the above deficiencies.

The production steps of the base of the IR rose in the center

The pictures of the greenhouse given below are the stages of planting and production of the base of Mr. Amini's greenhouse in Pakdasht. IR rose bases are offered to the market every day from this greenhouse.

A potted rose

One of the strengths of the center is the production of bush flowers. These flowers are produced in different types and different colors. The above possibility is a good response to the needs of municipalities and organizations in charge of green space.
Producing potted flowers for homes and residential and office spaces is one of the other capabilities of the center.

Gerbera base

Among other ornamental bases are gerbera cut branches, the types of which are as follows.

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