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Dr. Rastegar Biotechnology Center is a tissue culture producer for stone fruit rootstocks,pome  fruit rootstocks,medicinal plants and ornamental flowers

Persian Rose

The king of flowers

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1.Persian Rose is a fragrant Rose of Iran that is well-known to Mohammadi flower .This Rose was transferred from Iran to Turkey and Syria and from there to Europe. In the world Persian Rose is called Rosa damascene,Damask Rose,Kazanlak Rose,Bulgarian Rose,Rose of castile and …

2. Persian Rose is called king of the flowers and “Essential oil” of it is called liquid gold.

3. The most precious and most  expensive essence in the world belongs to Persian Rose that is called” King of Essential Oils “and “Queen of Essential Oils”.

4. Persian Rose is used in medicinal industries and as cosmetic,health and food products.

5. Global demands for Persian Rose is increasing rapidly.

7. The best altitude for growing Persian Rose is 1200 m above sea level.

8. It can planted in steep hills.

9. In a hectar (10000 sqm) 2500 Persian Rose need to be planted.

10. In no-irrigation condition 2 Tons of petals per hectar are harvested and with good irrigation it is increased till 6-8 Tons.

11. Persian Rose essence has a stable demand in European countries .

12. we are glad as the only tissue culture producer in Iran consult about tissue culture producing of Persian Rose and also about planting and harvesting of that.


Products of center

1-Products of  stone  fruit and  pome  fruit  rootstock

A-Stone fruit rootstock

 A- 1 - GF 677 Rooststock: Peach,Nectarine


A-2-GN Rootstock: Peach,Nectarine,Almonds
A-3-Gesila 5,6 Rootstock: Cherry,Sour Cherry
A-4-C29 Rootstock: Plum,Greengage,Apricot

B-Pome fruit Rootsstocks
B-1-Pyrodwarf rootstock: Pear
B-2-OHF 40 rootstock: Pear
B-3-OHF 69  rootstock : Pear
B-4-Hawthorn rootstock: Pear,apple

2-ornamental  flowers products

2-A- Cut Rose rootstock

2-B- Gerbera rootstock

2-C-  Orchid rootstock

2-D- Anthurium rootstock: Coming soon.

3- Medicinal Plants Products

 3-A- Damask Rose 

3-B -Stevia

3- C- Aloe  vera

 3-D - Lemon Verbena




4-A- Perlette

4-B- RedGlobe

4-C-Thopson Seedless

4-D- Flame Seedless


5- Pistachios

The most resistant Iranian pistachios rootstocks .Resistant to living and non-living tensions Coming Soon.



Chandler walnut Coming soon.


  7- Palm

Medjools palm coming soon.


 8 - Seedlees Pomegranate






Images of laboratory,greenhouses and products of center